Calendar project kickoff

Hello all!

I have embarked on yet another calendar project for this year.  Last time I only had one theme.  This year, to make things more exciting I am doing 3 entirely different themes.

First will be the “Sexy Superheroines and Villains” calendar. Everything will be done in a 1950s style, with 2 separate sets for each model. There will be shots in a dress, in the character’s color scheme, and lingerie shots also in the character’s colors. These will not be exact copies of the characters, more like a reimagining of their clothing.

Next will be a gothic themed calendar. Wardrobe will be reds and blacks and lots of lace, some implied or actual nudity, and one set featuring snakes . . . Everything for this calendar will be shot on or in a period coffin for extra appeal.

And finally, for the purists, I will be doing a lingerie calendar with a Victoria’s Secret kind of feel. Soft focus, whites and light colors, and draped implied nudes.

There will be a Kickstarter campaign for those who wish to contribute. Details and link will be posted later in the week.

First shoot is slated for Sunday 5/4 with the lovely Jen. She will be gracing all 3 calendars . . .

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